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Home of the Smooth Flow header by Howe Racing. Quality and durability matched with unprecedented hp and torque gains have rocketed Melrose exhaust systems to the front lines of the Corvette header industry.

Melrose Motorsports is a branch of Melrose T-Top International

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"thanks for buildin' the most amaaazing exhaust available for a vette, like i told her-i always get what you advertise, and mustang dyno's are greedy little pricks!!!!" Tom- C&S Dyno Shop


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GM Black Restoration Paint GM# 1050104 is now back in stock! We are the GM licensed distributor, please call for pricing.

Denso OE replacement oxygen sensors and Fel-pro Exhaust gaskets

2008 LS3 Systems in stock

Systems will utilize 1 7/8" ceramic coated headers, hi-flo cats, x-pipe, hi-temp/hi-perf plug wires, o2 extension wires, and all the clamps and bolts necessary for a direct bolt-on Smoothflow system. Pictures coming soon!

C3 LSx Headers

Now available! Install that GM LS motor in your C3 Vette now!!

C4 LSx Engine Swap Headers

Now Available- The editors of Corvette Fever magazine have selected Melrose headers for Project C4orce-- a C4 Corvette powered by an LSx engine. Unlike other magazine project cars, which rely exclusively on existing components, C4orce will spearhead the development of a variety of new and unique products. When the editors couldn't find a set of headers they thought were suitable, they chose to work with Melrose Motorsports in the development of "engine swap" long tube headers designed specifically to optimize the performance of any LSx engine installed in a C4 (1984-1996) chassis.

We offer 1984-1996 C4 Emmission complete headers

L98, LT1, and LT4 direct bolt on headers now available! They will also be available for the GM Fastburn cylinder heads

Les Barrett 11-21-2007

I attended a gathering of car enthusiast last week hosted by SGC tuners (Aaron Scott) in Thomasville , Ga. In attendance were Ford GTs, several Vipers, more than several ZR1s, a Shelby Cobra, a Mustang, and 5 C6 Z06s, including mine. Aaron specializes in Corvette mods and tunes and has a Dynojet dynamometer at his shop. For afternoon entertainment, he did dyno pulls for several guests and one of the most interesting for him, was on an 07 Z06 with the only mods being the Monsterflow Exhaust system and a tune. I did not see the torque numbers, but his Z pulled 488 hp. A couple of other Z06s had header mods, but everyone who looked at the Melrose set up was very impressed with the looks, the clearance for spark plug wires and most of all the performance. The owner of the dyno'd Z06 is retired Navy, and in discussion, mentioned that he was given special pricing in consideration of his service to our country. I am considering mods in the near future to my Z06 including headers, and after being introduced to the Melrose, will certainly be using them. As an Honorably Discharged veteran of the Vietnam War, would I also be eligible for similar pricing?

ROJO99- Corvette Forum  10-17-2005

Great headers, good price. Have had the Melrose system on my 99FRC for a summer now and ZERO complaints. Ground clearance is equal to the stock system thanks to the Band clamps

 STLBLUE75- Corvette Forum 10-18-05

I installed these headers along with the Random tech Cats and B&B exhaust on my 99 coupe and got 38 horsepower on the Dyno

Vetpet - Corvette forum 10-15-2005

Header quality is excellent with a high quality ceramic coating better than anything else I've seen. The complete system came with stainless steel band clamps for joining the headers to the cats and the cats to the Xpipe. These clamps leaks whatsoever. Fit was excellent and the headers were very easy to install. If you're looking at buying a system you should seriously look into these.